silent hill 3
i have thoughts about media

this game is really good..... a yume nikki fangame that could've changed a whole generation if it were popular enough...i used to be very insane about it (aka spinterest'ed) for about a year and a half, and although i don't love it the same way i used to (EDIT I STILL LOVE IT THE WAY I USED TO NVM), it's still dear to my heart. it has a charm much different from yume nikki's, in which it is a horror game instead of a calm exploration game. if you like horror walking simulators, play this. the story of sabitsuki and her relationships absolutely fascinates me, and i write analysis paragraphs on them with my theories from time to time. i ADORE .flow. sabitsuki was my highest kin for a very long time lolll

tsumihoroboshi... this chapter of higurashi wtc resonated with me (cringe), i related to rena so so much for a multitude of reasons and saw myself in her. the rooftop scene with keiichi and rena was so so good also, literally peak fiction. this chapter was genuinely one of the best things ive ever read and i mean it, it changed my brain chemistry in a good way... the writing is subpar and the characters are so well developed, reading about rena's relationships with her friends changed the trajectory of my life. in my opinion this is the best higurashi visual novel chapter, though i may be bias..

where do i start with this one......... it is one of my favorite rpgmaker games of all time, possibly even better or at least on the same level as what it was inspired by, OFF. since it is an OFF fangame. Even though it is a fangame and they are generally perceived as not as good as what they were inspired by, you can TELL the amount of love and effort that went into this game. the soundtrack, the sprites, the cameos, everything is made with love and done perfectly. if you loved OFF, PLEASE play this game. though, fair warning for topics like suicide and death in general, as it gets very heavy in the later chapters. overall i recommend it 100%.