silent hill 3

my name is labrys, or maze. i don't really know what to say about myself other than talking about my interests, but i'll try... i'm from massachusetts, i'm autistic, i'm 15 years old, and i really like a lot of things.. especially silent hill 3, .flow, and tamagotchi. i dont code very much and i used a template for this website but i think doing so is very fun!!! i also like drawing a lot and i have an art account, which is linked above. if it isn't obvious enough, i drew the floating heather you see on the left.

"Bizarre entity on my Iphone Se (2020 model) version IOS 15.5 smartphone" - aitor

"broke into my house and stole my ps2" - kris

"loves The Slop!" - nerium

"Labrys had a disorder... that normal people didnt." - bishop

"reincarnation of evil cd for the playstation" - paradise

"neurodivergent" - bella

"the plague never fails to consume my flesh endlessly until i die" - audrey

"1.7.446.7283.633.1.2" - audrey

"you are NOT normal!" - azel

"Aaah that beast has a lead pipe!!!" - mozart